LEANTEC SynFactory assists Leou-Yn in Opening a New Era of Digital Transformation
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|Customer Background

Leou-Yn Enterprises specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of couplers, including multi-type couplers, quick couplers, and high-pressure couplers. With over 20 years of stringent quality control, Leou-Yn has built a reputation for excellent product and service, earning ISO 9001 certification and continually gaining customer trust while embodying the spirit of Taiwanese craftsmanship.

|Pain Points

However, in recent years, the Taiwanese metal processing industry has faced challenges of small-batch, high-variety production, coupled with worsening labor shortages, forcing the industry to seek for transformation. Traditional manufacturing factories struggle with opaque equipment information, leading to an inability to monitor and address alarms promptly, thus affecting production efficiency. Additionally, difficulties in managing paper engineering drawings and the inefficiency of manually transferring files via USB are production obstacles that need to be overcome. These issues not only increase production costs but also risk file transfer errors due to manual error. Therefore, finding effective solutions to improve overall equipment transparency, operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of manual error is crucial for the industry's future development.

  1. 1. Opaque Equipment Information: Inability to instantly grasp the status of equipment, and unable to address abnormalities promptly, resulting in wasted or delayed production resources

  2. 設備資訊不透明.png

  3. 2. Difficulty in Managing Paper Engineering Drawings: Paper drawings are easily damaged and difficult to preserve in the factory's oily environment, leading to wastage of paper resources through repeated printing.

  4. 紙本圖紙管理不易.png

  5. 3. Low File Dispatching Efficiency: Manual file transmission requires back-and-forth movement between the office and the factory, resulting in low efficiency and increased risk of file transfer errors due to manual error.

|Overcoming Challenges

LEANTEC SynFactory starts from machine networking, achieving full equipment connectivity, enabling real-time monitoring of production conditions, and issuing notifications in case of equipment abnormalities. SynFactory digitizes critical production information and presents it in visual chart on the dashboard, supporting cross-device management from computers to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Additionally, the cloud-based file dispatching feature records detailed file transfering information, effectively reducing errors during transmission and shortening file transfering times. Digitized drawing management avoids the risk of contamination and allows for quick retrieval of process files on controllers, further enhancing production efficiency and data integrity.


LEANTEC SynFactory, built upon the controller expertise of its parent company, SYNTEC Technology, enables machine networking, data collection, assisting Leou-Yn Enterprises in rapidly achieving full digital transformation of the factory and enhancing factory competitiveness and corporate image.

  1. 1. Machine Networking: Achieving full equipment connectivity, real-time statistical production conditions, and visual presentation of key production information on the dashboard. Support not only computers but also multi-device management of the factory through smartphones or tablet apps.


  2. 2. Cloud-Based File Dispatching: Rapid transmission of files to designated machines without geographical restrictions, reducing the risk of errors and significantly improving file transfer efficiency.


  3. 3. Digitized Engineering Drawings: Avoid drawing damage, enables quick retrieval of process files, and facilitates digital management.

  4. 圖紙數位化.png

Facing the challenges of industry transformation, Leou-Yn Enterprise successfully overcame challenges such as opaque equipment information, difficulties in managing paper drawings, and low efficiency in file distribution by introducing LEANTEC SynFactory. With comprehensive features including machine networking, cloud-based file distribution, and digital drawing management, LEANTEC SynFactory assists enterprises in enhancing manufacturing flexibility and resilience. It effectively improves production efficiency, reducing the risk of manual error, and strengthens the competitiveness and corporate image. Digital transformation not only represents the successful practice of Leou-Yn Enterprise but also signifies a crucial step for Taiwan's manufacturing industry towards intelligence and efficient production.

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