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Learning and Development

We value our employees’ growing and development, and provide plenty of resources to train the people who work for Syntec.
With frequent training sessions and large amount of information, we immensely encourage our employees to fully develop the abilities for different career stages and sharpen their skills.


Orientation Training Session

Giving assistance to the newcomers to understand the company culture,
working environment and regulations in order to quickly become a part of the team.


Professional Skills Training Session

We design the training based on different departments,
and encourage our employees to learning new skills through receiving overseas training,
offsite training and attending study group.


Management Training Session

Establish a complete management training system with people from different management levels to strengthen the ability of leading ability.


General education session

Enrich the employees’ knowledge by attending a wide range of in-company trainings and lectures.


On-the-job Training(OTJ)

In order to improve the self competence,
we encourage our employees to study Master, PhD or EMBA.

Compensation and Benefits

With operating performance, we provide competitive and attractive compensation which includes base salary, reward and a variety of extra flexible financial supply.
Insisting in the idea of profit-sharing to attract and retain excellent employees, we create a stimulating working environment to motivate our people to keep learning and growing.







Work-life Balance

Spiritual Enrichment

Community relations

We provide different kinds of reward to recognize our employees’ contribution. The amount depends on the profit we make, individual performance or the goal of the team.


Sport facilities in our building are provided always for the employees’ and their families. Annual health-check and family days are held to make the lives of our people better.


Through numerous activities like study groups, variety of training and lectures, staff gathering dinner, and annual staff trip, Syntec is happy to share exhilarating memories with each employee.


In Syntec, we encourage the employees to participate different groups like sport groups or volunteer groups, with financial aid, hoping to make the relationship between collogues, families and the society closely tied.

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