Leantec robots reduce labor costs by 90% in door frame production

In today's fast-paced world, traditional manufacturing industries face new challenges. Labor shortages are a global issue, especially in labor-intensive fields like door frame processing, which has traditionally relied on manual labor. Rising labor costs and hiring difficulties are driving companies to seek for new solutions.

Machine Tool Camp (MTC), an American woodworking machinery manufacturer, has chosen the Syntec 210MB-E milling machine controller and two robotic arms from Leantec: the LA2100-60 (max. reach: 2100mm, max load: 60kg) and the LA1206-10 (max. reach: 1206mm, max load: 10kg). These robots handle repetitive tasks like picking materials from the tray and feeding materials for processing, reducing reliance on manual labor and allowing workers to focus on more valuable tasks.


Using robotic arms, compared to traditional gantry systems, requires less space and can integrate more flexibly with various machines. Setting up a gantry system used to require two people working for two weeks. However, introducing a robotic arm only needs one person working for three days, significantly reducing technical and space requirements, as well as labor costs by nearly 90%.

This case uses the Syntec 210MB-E milling machine controller for processing and Leantec robotic arms for tending. It simplifies the material loading process in door frame manufacturing and showcases the strong potential of automation solutions in improving manufacturing performance. As automation technology advances, more traditional manufacturing industries are likely to adopt more efficient production methods. MTC's successful implementation demonstrates how introducing automation technology can bring precision and efficiency, injecting innovative vitality into the development of smart factories!

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