Leantec Industrial Robot Solutions Debut
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Industrial robot technology is the top priority of the domestic Industry 4.0 development, and it is also the only way for many enterprises to transform and upgrade. Leantec industrial robots have both excellent performance and price advantages. Based on the controller technology of Syntec and Leantec’s accumulated industrial experiences for many years, it has formed a complete solution around metal processing, woodworking glass and other industries.

Tool grinder pick and place solution
Solution description:
Applicable in tool grinder loading and unloading.
Automation element: High-speed high-precision articulated robot, customized matrix tray and clamp, measurement, visual positioning, laser marking

Solution Advantage:
.Customized fixture & silo solutions to meet different types of automation needs;
The articulated robot's repeatable positioning accuracy is ± 0.02mm, and it can easily perform well in environments with high accuracy requirements (tool grinder, 3C industry).
Equipped with standard IP54 protection level and optional IP67, it can work stably for a long time in harsh factory environment;
Adopt SYNTEC controller, support the operation mode in simplified Chinese, graphics and dialog editing function, easier to learn and operate.

Lathe & machine tending

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Solution description:
Applicable in Lathe and machining center automation solutions.
Automation element: Articulated robot, circulating silo, clamp, measurement, visual positioning, laser marking, cloud.

Solution Advantage:
Customized fixture & silo solutions to meet different types of automation needs;
Standard quick-connection package is provided, which can communicate with SYNTEC system through network cable, simplifying IO wiring;
Support external axis expansion and synchronization function, easily expand external devices such as ground rail and positioner;
Optional cloud solution, with machine tool status monitoring, remote tool compensation, remote diagnosis and other functions to achieve intelligent factory.

Woodworking & glass industry pick and place

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Solution description:
Applicable in large-size, flat-plate workpiece handling.
Automation element: Articulated robot, ground rail, suction cup, silo, cloud

Solution Advantage:
Multiple groups of user & tool coordinate systems, different suction cup combinations, automatic matching based on workpiece size and orientation, and easy handling of multiple workpiece types.
Adopt SYNTEC control system to quickly connect with external equipment such as feeder, labeling machine and edge banding machine, simplifying IO wiring.
Support simplified Chinese operation mode, graphics and dialog editing functions, easier to learn and operate.

Welding & laser industry

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Solution description:
Applicable in articulated robot, welding machine fixture, welding machine and welding gun, positioner, ground rail.

Automation element:
Solution Advantage:
Provide various welding processes, including swing welding, spot welding, intermittent welding, seam tracking, multi-station reservation and other functions.
Support external axis simultaneous function, expand up to 6 external axes, and easily expand equipment such as ground rail, positioner, etc .
Provide 20-point correction function to effectively improve the trajectory accuracy of the robot.
Supports various brands of welding machines, Migatronic, OTC, Lincoln, etc.

Leantec's industrial robot solution is not only based on the core control system independently developed by our company, but also relies on arm products with excellent performance and price advantages. It has fast speed, high accuracy and good stability. It is easy to operate and supports a variety of communications and secondary development.

Choose the right arm product according to the customer's actual environment.

Leantec articulated robot products

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