Leantec Intelligence is now part of the umati community
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Leantec Intelligence, a subsidiary of Syntec Technology, announces its recent induction into the umati (universal machine technology interface) community. This strategic partnership with umati signifies Leantec's commitment to advancing Industry 4.0 by fostering standardized platforms that facilitate seamless connectivity across diverse devices.


"By joining the umati community, Leantec is excited to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 innovation," says ShyuWei, Deputy Manager of Cloud Intelligent System Department at Leantec. "We share the same mission of offering comprehensive solutions that ensure seamless multi-vendor device integration. The umati platform provides us with an ideal stage to demonstrate the reliability of our solutions and collaborate with partners to champion the widespread adoption of Industry 4.0."


Leantec and umati members join hands to break down connectivity barriers. As Industry 4.0 rewrites the rules, Leantec stands ready to equip businesses with game-changing, standardized solutions for digital manufacturing success. For more information, please visit umati website: https://umati.org/umati-has-new-partner-leantec-intelligence-co-ltd/



About Leantec

Born from the demands of Industry 4.0 and high-mix low-volume production, Leantec, a subsidiary of Syntec Technology, leverages robotic arm and cloud technologies as its core competencies. Leantec develops and delivers multi-functional intelligent products and application services that adapt to the evolving global industrial landscape. Through these complete solutions, Leantec empowers the vision of intelligent manufacturing and smart factories. For more information, visit https: https://en.leantec.com.tw/en

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